Remote Learning

  • Thank you for joining us on this Remote Learning Journey.  While unfortunately the Eagle High School building and facilities are closed, school is not closed for the year.  Teachers, counselors, support staff, and administration are still available, coursework will be provided via the EHS website, communication is open via email and telephone and resources are available to help finish the school year successfully and effectively. 

    While this is a new experience for many of us and a big, fluid, unexpected, change, we are in this together and glad to be #mustangstrong with one another during this time.  We are here for you, don't hesitate to reach out!

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


    What is Remote Learning or distance learning/e-learning?

    • Distance education or remote learning is the education of students who may not always be physically present at a school. Traditionally, this usually involved correspondence courses wherein the student corresponded with the school via post. Today, it involves online education. 

    How will I continue to stay informed about the most recent updates as they relate to the extension of distance learning? 

    • EHS and WASD will continue to provide frequent updates via email and social media. As of now, we anticipate our remote learning efforts to continue through Friday, April 17.  Should the student dismissal period be extended, families will receive communication. Please refer to the WASD website for up-to-date information:

    What are daily student expectations with remote learning?

    • Students should access the EHS Website daily - - to check in on their classes,  coursework and to keep up-to-date teacher expectations. 

    What if I don't have a laptop or gaming console at home or internet access?

    • West Ada will be providing laptops and hotspots to those without computer access or the internet at home.  Please contact your grade level Vice Principal, to secure a device and arrange pick up.
    • Several providers in the U.S. are now offering FREE internet/Wi-Fi or special accommodations for 60 days.  CLICK HERE to be directed to a complete list. 

    What if a student or parent needs technical support?

    • Parent Resources for Online Learning are available here and will answer a number of common questions related to technology at home. Technical support will be available from 7:30am-4:30pm at 208-350-5300.  For laptop or hotspot support please contact the IT HelpDesk at the phone number provided.  

    How can I communicate with my or my child's teacher?

    • Classroom teachers are available to students and families during "office hours" daily from 1:00-2:30pm.  Teachers can be reached via e-mail where you can ask questions and communicate or request a telephone appointment.

    When will grades be updated?

    • Grades are "frozen" as of March 13, 2020, meaning that student grades prior to school closure on March 16, are current semester grades for students.  Students may work with their teacher to improve those grades; submit missing/late work (see below), make up tests or quizzes, etc. on an individual basis. 

    Will distance learning work be graded?

    • Yes, students will receive feedback on their work that is submitted during distance learning and grades will be put in PowerSchool.  End-of-semester grades will be issued in accordance with the existing grading calendar (see above).

    What if I have missing/late work?

    • Students are strongly encouraged to turn in missing/late work to their teacher; anything prior to March 16, 2020.  Now is the best time to complete any missing or late work.  However, students may NOT turn in hard copies.  Students may take photos and submit them via e-mail or scan PDFs and email them to teachers.  If a classroom teacher is using teams students may also submit assignments via Microsoft Teams. 

    Is school attendance mandatory during distance learning?

    • Beginning on Monday, April 13 teachers will be digitally connecting with students.  However, they will not take attendance; absences/tardies will not be documented in PowerSchool or count towards a student's attendance record. 

    Will we have final exams?

    • No, there will be no final exams for any grade levels for the 2019-2020 school year. 

    What is the status of Special Education during distance learning?

    • Aligned with the expectation that we provide distance learning for students, we have the same expectation for students with disabilities.  We have aligned special education services to the general education service delivery model.  Case Managers will be communicating with families regarding the changes that will occur during the time of student dismissal.  Related service provides will also be communication with parents.  The District is proceeding with holding IEPs via teleconference or virtual means.  Contact your child's Case Manager if you have any specific questions. 

    What is happening with AP and IB testing? 

    • The AP program has provided love course options for free and is developing a new at-home testing option for students.  For more information on AP testing refer to the CollegBoard website:

    Will state ISAT testing take place? 

    • No, the Idaho State Board of Education waived the requirement in IDAPA for the administration of the Idaho Standard Achievement Test (ISAT) and alternate assessments for students with significant cognitive disabilities, in English Language Arts, Math, and Science, in grades 3-8 and high school for the 2019-2020 school year. 

    Will SAT testing take place?

    • The state SAT testing will not take place for the 2019-20 school year.  The Idaho State Board of Education waived the graduation requirement in IDAPA for the college entrance exam for seniors who would have taken it during the 2020 administration.
    • The board will include in the 2021 rule-making an exemption for juniors in the 2019-2020 school year from the college entrance exam graduation requirement.

    What about Senior Project?  Do I still need to complete a senior project to graduate?

    • The Idaho State Board of Education waived the graduation requirement in IDAPA 04, requiring the completion of a senior project for students on track to graduate at the end of the 2019-2020 school year.

    Will school meals continue to be provided? -

    • Yes, WASD will continue to provide free school meals for students.  These will be available from 11:00am-1:00pm.  Any student under the age of 18 is entitled fo a free meal, regardless of any previous classification as a free or reduced-price meal student.  Parents may not pick up the meals on behalf of their students; students are required to be present.