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    All Rocky Mountain High School teachers are using MICROSOFT TEAMS as the platform to communicate, assign, and give feedback to students. Every Rocky Mountain High School student has access to TEAMS with their school log-in account. Every teacher in a Parent/Student email sent out instructions on how to sign up for their class TEAMS. Once students are in the class TEAM then they will have access to all the resources and assignments from each teacher.  If your student needs more assistance in getting into TEAMS, please use the tutorial links to guide you.    


    What are RMHS Phases for REMOTE LEARNING?


    During Phase 1, students remediate their grades prior to the March 13th frozen deadline.  Teachers through their TEAMS sites will conduct re-takes, re-dos, and re-assessments. Students grades can only be improved. Scores will not decrease after March 13th cutoff date.


    During Phase 2, advanced learning and new content will be introduced with the purpose of building on prior knowledge and preparing students to be FALL READY through TEAMS.


     New Content/Fall Ready Resources (Weekly Learning Resources) -What are they?

    Teachers beginning on April 27th will push out new content to students through TEAMS. New content will be aligned with 4th quarter curriculum and will be preparing students to be FALL READY.


     How do I access Weekly Learning Resources after April 27th?


    Weekly Learning Resources (New Content/Fall Ready Resources) are available to students in one of two ways:


    Digital/Online- (via Microsoft class TEAMS)

    Assignments will be pushed out through each class TEAM every week (See screen shot below). Assignments will be loaded with resources and handouts. Also, students will have access to viewing the Assignments through the WEEKLY RESOURCES TAB at the top of the REMOTE LEARNING CHANNEL. (Click Here to directly be relocated to TAB) See example of folders at the bottom of screen. 

    Hard copy/paper- (available on-site at RMHS through Copy Center)

    If you need access to hard copies of any of the assignments in TEAMS, please contact your teacher directly and they will have it copied for you RMHS Copy Center. Students will be notified when copies are ready and pick-up times will be scheduled through Copy Center (208-350-4341).


    How do I get a hold of a teacher?

    Teachers are available to parents and students in one of two ways:

     Teachers Office Hours

    Staff will have office hours each day from 1:00-2:30 PM. During this time, they will be checking emails, meeting with students, and will have open questioning time with students through TEAMS. If you need to contact a teacher, please email your teacher individually to set up an online appointment.

     Rocky Mountain Call Center

    Starting on Wednesday, April 15th, Rocky's call center will be available. This resource will allow you to make contact with your teachers if you need to do so. The call center will be open from 10:00-2:00 PM Monday-Friday. Currently, our staff does not have access to their classroom phones. The call center will notify teachers that you want to get a hold of them if Internet connection is a problem. The number to call is 208-350-4341.


     Example of WEEKLY RESOURCES TAB below:

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