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  • Thank you for joining us on this Remote Learning Journey.  While unfortunately the Heritage Middle School building and facilities are closed, school is not closed for the year.  Teachers, counselors, support staff, and administration are still available, digital and hard copy weekly learning packets will be provided for students, communication is open via email and telephone, and resources are available to help finish the school year successfully. 


    While this is a new experience and incredibly unexpected change for all of us, we are in this together and excited to remain #huskystrong with one another during this time.  We are here for you; don't hesitate to reach out!

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    Below are some answers to frequently asked questions.  However, the most detailed overview of the HMS Remote Learning Plan can be found HERE.


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

    What is Remote Learning or distance learning/e-learning?

    • Distance education or remote learning is the education of students who may not always be physically present at a school. Traditionally, this usually involved correspondence courses wherein the student corresponded with the school via post. Today, it involves online education. 

    What does Remote Learning look like at the middle school level?

    Remote learning at the middle school and elementary levels will focus on students learning what they need to be successful in their next grade level

    • Students will not be required to repeat their current grade next year
    • Learning resources will focus on language arts, math, science, and social studies
    • Other curriculum areas will be part of the daily schedule (electives; physical education, health, etc.)
    • Middle school students currently enrolled in a high school credit-bearing class will still be able to receive high school credit

    How will I continue to stay informed about the most recent updates as they relate to the extension of distance learning? 

    • HMS and WASD will continue to provide frequent updates via email and social media. As of now, we anticipate our remote learning efforts to continue through Friday, April 17.  Should the student dismissal period be extended, families will receive communication. Please refer to the WASD website for up-to-date information:

    What are daily student expectations with remote learning?

    • Students will be provided with grade-level learning materials each week. The learning will include a school day’s worth of learning materials for each day of the week. Instructions for completing the learning activities will be included and are designed to provide opportunities for reinforcement and practice of standards that have been previously taught during the year.  Weekly learning resources will be available in both digital and hard copy formats.
    • The Remote Learning Plan will include a daily schedule that families can follow to organize the school day for students at every level. The schedule provided is only a SUGGESTION if structure is needed.
    • Students should access PowerSchool to identify missing work and review current grades. 

    What if my student doesn't have access to a laptop and/or internet access at home?

    • Hard copy packets will be available for pickup each Monday and Tuesday at HMS.  Packets will be stored in a filing cabinet in the front of the school which will be left open from 8:00 am on Monday until 5:00 pm on Tuesday each week.  
    • Several providers in the U.S. are now offering FREE internet/Wi-Fi or special accommodations for 60 days.  CLICK HERE to be directed to a complete list. 

    What if a student or parent needs technical support?

    • Parent resources for online learning are available here and will answer a number of common questions related to technology at home. 
    • Information about logging into Microsoft O365 accounts and/or downloading Microsoft software (free to students) can be found on our HMS website HERE.
    • Information about accessing PowerSchool accounts can be found HERE.

    How can I communicate with my or my child's teacher?

    • Classroom teachers are available to students and families during "office hours" M-F from 1:00-2:30pm.  Teachers can be reached via Microsoft Teams or e-mail. Students can also call the Heritage Middle School's main phone line (208-350-4130) to request a telephone appointment. Students are encouraged to ask questions and receive clarification on weekly learning resources, grades, and submission of missing work/retakes.  

    When will grades be updated?

    • Grades are "frozen" as of March 13, 2020, meaning that student grades prior to the school closure on March 16, will be the current semester grades for students.  Students may work with their teacher to improve those grades: submit missing/late work (see below), makeup tests or quizzes, etc. This work will be done on an individual basis. 

    Will distance learning work be graded?

    • No, completed weekly learning packets will not be collected and will not contribute toward students' current semester grades. The only work that will be graded is work that is being resubmitted to improve a student's grade. 

    What if I have missing/late work?

    • Students are strongly encouraged to turn in missing/late work to their teacher. This would be any work assigned and collected prior to March 13, 2020.  Now is the best time to complete any missing or late work. 
    • We STRONGLY encourage students to submit work digitally if at all possible.  Students may take photos and submit them via e-mail or scan PDFs and email them to teachers.  If a classroom teacher was previously using teams to have students submit assignments, they may submit missing assignments via Microsoft Teams. 
    • If students are unable to submit assignments digitally, there will be a collection bin at the front of the school to turn in missing work.  Students will place the work in a sealed envelope (provided) and write the teacher's name on the front of the envelope.  The missing work bin will be collected once a day; however, the work will not be immediately given to teachers. Safety procedures will be followed per CDC guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  After 72 hours, the work will be scanned to teachers to grade.  

    Is school attendance mandatory during distance learning?

    • Beginning on Monday, April 13 students will be able to reach out and communicate with teachers regarding grades, missing work, and retakes for assessments.  However, teachers will not take attendance; absences/tardies will not be documented in PowerSchool or count towards a student's attendance record. 

    Will we have final exams?

    • No, there will be no final exams for any grade levels for the 2019-2020 school year. 

    What is the plan for 4th Quarter Classes?

    • 4th Quarter grades will not be given, and students will remain enrolled in their 3rd Quarter classes in PowerSchool for the remainder of the school year.  During both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Remote Learning plan, students have the opportunity to improve their current grade in their 3rd Quarter class by submitting missing work and retaking assessments.  6th-8th grade students will have access to an "Electives Choice Grid" each week that provides them with activities to select from in a variety of our electives courses.  Weekly resources for the electives grid can be accessed digitally via their current 3rd Quarter teachers' class teams (Microsoft) or through hard copy packets provided at the school.  

    What is the status of Special Education during distance learning?

    • Aligned with the expectation that we provide distance learning for students, we have the same expectation for students with disabilities.  We have aligned special education services to the general education service delivery model.  Case Managers will be communicating with families regarding the changes that will occur during the time of student dismissal.  Related service providers will also be communicating with parents.  The District is proceeding with holding IEPs via teleconference or virtual means.  Contact your child's case manager if you have any specific questions. 

    Will state ISAT testing take place? 

    • No, the Idaho State Board of Education waived the requirement in IDAPA for the administration of the Idaho Standard Achievement Test (ISAT) and alternate assessments for students with significant cognitive disabilities, in English Language Arts, Math, and Science, in grades 3-8 and high school for the 2019-2020 school year. 

    Will school meals continue to be provided? -

    • Yes, WASD will continue to provide free school meals for students.  These will be available from 11:00am-1:00pm.  Any student under the age of 18 is entitled to a free meal, regardless of any previous classification as a free or reduced-price meal student.  Parents may not pick up the meals on behalf of their students; students are required to be present. 


    Other questions?  Please reach out via email to an administrator or counselor:


    HMS Administration

    Principal - Susan McInerney -

    8th Grade Assistant Principal - Brooke

    7th Grade Assistant Principal - Aimee Larsen -

    6th Grade Assitant Principal - Beau Dahlgren - 


    8th Grade - Courtney Bunch -

    7th Grade - Cyndi Fuller -

    6th Grade - Emily Misner - 

    We will do our best to get back to you in a timely manner.  


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