A Word from the Captain

  • Greetings Families,

    I hope you and your families are doing well. We have been meeting virtually as a district and now have met as a staff to figure out our next steps. The biggest item is to be clear that all students will move on to the next grade throughout the district and that no new learning (4th quarter) grades will be entered into the grade books district wide.

    However, Pathways is staying true to our mission and we are still dedicated to helping students finish all of their IP (In Progress) work from the first three quarters. We want all of our students to pass all of their classes IP free! The easiest way to get this IP work done is to email it out and then have you email it back to teachers, but if this is not possible we will print off all the missing work and put it in an envelope in front of the school with your student's name on it (Teachers have been calling and checking in with each family to see how you're doing and to check if you have internet access). To help prevent the spread of the virus, we will date any envelopes we put out front and would recommend it sit for three days before you open it. You can email us back a copy of the work (either scanned or with a picture from your phone) or put it back in the envelope and return it to the Completed Work Bin located in front of the school. Teachers will be available over email for questions and will be on their email from 1:00-2:30 each weekday for response/support.

    We know a number of you do not have access to a printer, so students can type/write their responses on a separate doc and send that to us/drop it off. At the top of each assignment, please make sure students include the name of the assignment and their name. 

    If your student is IP free, or becomes IP free, then we have created weekly packets that cover their core subject areas (Math, Science, English and World Civ). These packets will be emailed, on our website, and avaliable out front of Pathways. These packets can be emailed or if that's not an option will be available in front of the school. These packets will not be graded by teachers (remember no new grades) but we are happy to still answer questions/give support over email to help students complete them.

    Although we will not be in the school, we will check the school voicemail periodically to answer any questions. Email is the best way to get a hold of us.

    Take care and let me know if you have concerns or questions. We're making it through this together!

     Thank you,

    Eric Eschen

Tips for Home Learning

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