Classical Music Donation Requests

  • Strings group
    • Equipment fund - money to purchase equipment.

Contemporary Music Donation Requests

  • Drums
    • Drum gear (in good repair): heads, sticks, high hat stand, bass drum pedal, etc.
    • Microphone clips (to hook onto a stand)
    • Portable electric piano (not just a keyboard)
    • Upright bass

Dance Donation Requests

  • Dance Performance
    • $25 per student for dance props.
    • $100 per student for dance costumes.
    • $1500 for guest artists in residency during the school year.
    • $500 for professional video filming of our formal spring dance concert.
    • $300 for professional photography (headshots and action shots).
    • $1000 for professional lighting & sound crew for our formal spring dance concert.
    • $800 for professional dance film short to enter in festivals.

    * Donations do not need to be for the entire amount needed. Individuals can donate smaller amounts toward the total.

Theatre Donation Requests

    • 6 ft ladder.
    • Script fund - money to purchase script licenses.

Visual Art Donation Requests

    • art supplies.

Vocal Donation Requests

    • Sheet Music fund - money to purchase sheet music licenses.