SportsWare Online (SWOL)

High Schools use SportsWare Online for athlete paperwork and documentation. Each athlete and/or guardian will need to create an account for SportsWare Online in order to complete the required paperwork for participating in EHS athletics.

For directions on creating a SportsWare account, click here, you will need your school site ID (see below).
You must create a new account for each athlete one time while they are a student. 

  • Centennial High School ID - 1987

  • Eagle High School ID - 574

  • Meridian High School ID -

  • Mountain View High School ID -

  • Owyhee High School ID - storm

  • Rocky Mountain High School ID - Rockyathlete

For directions on completing the necessary forms in SportsWare, click here. The Concussion and IQ forms must be signed annually. 

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