Diesel Technology Pathway

  • Transportation today, requires a lot of horsepower to haul heavy loads of goods and cargo across the country.  This ranges from trains, farm equipment, long haul trucks, school buses, construction vehicles, and much more.  The West Ada CTE Diesel Technology program explores the rewarding career of keeping the country running on diesel power. 

    For this pathway, student will travel to CTE Center- Meridian Campus, where they will combine formal instruction with hands-on training in a state of the art diesel shop lab.  Students will explore all areas of what being a diesel mechanic entails.  They will use their learned knowledge to work on diesel engines, strengthen teamwork and communication, and learn service and diesel specific diagnostics.  Upon completion of this pathway, students will have a skillset to take with them as they graduate to postsecondary education or right into the workforce. 

    Pathway Course Sequence:

    • Diesel Technology 1
      10th grade, semester class
    • Diesel Technology II
      11th grade, full year class
    • Diesel Technology III
      12th grade, full year class
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Get a Jump on Your Associates Degree!

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    The Dielsel Technology program is aligned to SkillStack®, meaning you could earn credits toward your Associate Degree, while in high school! 

    For more information click here or see your school counselor.

What does a Diesel Mechanic do?

  • Diesel Mechanics take on a vital role of keeping the country's transportation and heavy equipment in motion.  From farming, railways, construction and road transportation, diesel mechanics ensure that equipment operates smoothly and safely.     


CTE Center- Meridian Campus

  • The Diesel Technology program is a three year long (10th-12th grade) pathway.  Students will travel to CTE Center- Meridian Campus to complete this pathway of sequenced courses.  A West Ada CTE shuttle will be provided for those who wish to utilize it. 

    This center is located on the Meridian High School campus, in Meridian, Idaho.  It is a state of the art technical center, which houses the West Ada School District's auto, collision, diesel, early childhood education, welding, plant sciences and small gas engine pathways.

    CTE Center Meridian