Welding Fabrication Pathway

  • West Ada's Career Technical Education (CTE) Welding/Fabrication program gives students the opportunity to earn the nationally recognized, American Welding Society SENSE Level One Certification.  Upon completion of the pathway, students will graduate with knowledge and a skillset in Arc and Oxy-Acetylene welding, MIG and TIG welding, metal types, blueprint reading, AUTO CAD drafting, design and construction of projects. 

    In 2007, CTE Center - Meridian Campus, earned the honor of serving as a regional training center to Miller, where they conduct continuing education classes for welders in the region.  Because of this honor, Miller supplies, maintains and upgrades their welding equipment, which students utilize while working in the lab.  With this partnership, Miller utilizes the facility during non-school hours, as a regional training site to provide professional development to welders using the Miller sponsored equipment.

    Pathway Course Sequence:

    • Welding I (1st Semester) and II (2nd Semester)
      10th grade, full year class
    • Welding III
      11th grade, full year class
    • Welding IV
      12th grade, full year class  
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Sparks Fly!

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    While different metals require different temperatures, arc welding is usually performed with an arc temperature of roughly 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit, with plasma torch welding, reaching up to 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit! 

A Hot Career-Unlimited Opportunities

  • Welding is considered to be a high demand workfoce, were one recruit enters for every four leaving the trade.  Not only is it in high demand, there are also factors such as high earning potention, job travel, continuting education, and some industrys dont even require a college degree to start! 

    When it comes to finding your place in the welding industry, there are many job titles such as Technical Sales, Welder Fabricator, Pipeliner, Welding Inspector, Underwater Welder, Welding Technician, or Ironworker.  Click here to checkout the American Wedling Society (AWS) website for more information.

CTE Center- Meridian Campus

  • For the Welding/Fabrication pathway, students will have the opportunity to travel to the CTE Center- Meridian Campus for their 10th-12th grade pathway courses.  Here they will have access to a state of the art technical center, equipped with industry parts, tools and classroom instruction.

    This center is located on the Meridian High School campus, in Meridian, Idaho.  It is a state of the art technical center, which houses the West Ada School District's auto, collision, diesel, early childhood education, welding, plant sciences and small gas engine pathways.

    CTE Center Meridian