Education Assistant Pathway

  • In the West Ada's Career Technical Education (CTE) Education Assistant program, students will build a comprehensive understanding on child growth and development, learn how to work effectively with young children and gain a solid foundation of childcare skills. This pathway of courses provide high school students with hands-on training, interacting with children aged 3-5 years old within a classroom setting.

    The Education Assistant pathway offers students who are interested in careers within the health and child care industries, education, psychology, sociology, human development and even parenthood.  This three-year pathway covers the stages of human life from prenatal to adulthood, growth and development theories, nutritional needs, health and safety practices, and techniques for building strong relationships. Upon completion of the pathway, the goal is for students to be prepared to launch a career in childcare industry and/or entry into a related post-secondary program.

    Pathway Course Sequence:

    • Teen Living
      (recommended course)
      9th Grade, semester class 
    • Parent and Child Development
      10th Grade, full year class
    • Education Assistant
      11th Grade, semester class
    • Advanced Education Assistant
      12th Grade, semester class

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What is an Education Assistant?

  • Education Assistants can be a vital part of the classroom learning for a child.  Not only do they help maintain classroom management, education assistants also take attendance, check assignments, create and prepare materials for lessons and help support educational 504 accommodations.  Generally, these tasks are assigned by a supervising certified teacher.

A Flexible and Rewarding Career Awaits

  • Employment opportunities are influenced greatly by the size of the school district. Larger affluent districts are much more likely to hire teacher assistants. Just a little over half of assistants work a full day and the just under half work on a part-time basis.  Teacher assistants work in a variety of settings. Most work in public schools and some work for private schools, childcare centers and even religious organizations that have educational programs.

CTE Center- Centennial Campus

  • The Education Assistant program creates an unique academic experience for students in the pathway.  Students will complete their 9th and 10th grade courses at their zoned-home high school.  During their 11th and 12th grade pathway classes, students will travel to CTE Center- Centennial Campus for their last two years.  

    This center is located on the Centennial High School campus, in Boise, Idaho.  It is a state of the art technical center, which houses the West Ada School District's Education Assistant program.