Culinary Arts Pathway

  • Thinking of a career in food service?  The West Ada Culinary Arts program provides students with exponential opportunities to advance their skills and knowledge of food preparation & safety, nutrition, service and sanitation.  Renaissance High School is home to the culinary program, where advanced students will train in a state-of-art culinary center. 

    At the center, students will receive classroom instruction as well as hands-on lab time in an industry-modeled kitchen with specialized commercial equipment for culinary and pastry preparations.  In addition, students will have to opportunity to run a live cafe where they will experience and perform the duties required of personnel in the restaurant industry.       

    Pathway Course Sequence:

    • Foods and Nutrition
      10th grade, semester class
    • Introduction to Culinary Arts
      11th grade, full year class 
    • Advanced Culinary Arts
      12th grade, full year class

    Did you know....
    Students have the opportunity to earn two certificates upon completing the pathway! The Ready Set Food Safe and the National Restaurant Association ServSafe Certification.

Join us for Lunch!

  • Café Renaissance
    1303 E Central Drive 
    Meridian, Idaho 83642

    Operation Days: Thursday & Friday, November-May
    Parking: Located on the east side of the district building, at the West Ada Training Center.  


    Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Café Renaissance is temporarily closed for the 2020-2021 school year.  Please check back soon!

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Instructor Spotlight

  • CTE instructor, Chef Hickman, and the Advanced Culinary Arts class were featured on local Idaho news, KTVB.  Click here to checkout the KTVB Channel 7 Coverage



CTE Center- Renaissance Campus

  • The Culinary Arts program creates an unique academic experience for students in the pathway.  Students will take their 10th & 11th grade pathway courses at their zoned-home high school, and then travel to CTE Center-Renaissance Campus to finish their 12th grade Advanced Culinary Arts course, to complete the pathway.   

    The CTE Center-Renaissance Campus is located on the Renaissance High School campus, in Meridian, Idaho.  This campus features a state of the art career technical facility, housing numerous CTE programs as well as serving students as a School of Choice High School that focuses on academic rigor and college readiness.