Law Enforcement, Detention, & Corrections Pathway

  • The Law Enforcement, Detention and Corrections program provides an awesome learning experience for those interested in a career in this industry.  The coursework in this pathway creates transferable skills required in the three related areas: Law Enforcement, Corrections and Detention.

    Students will actively learn and demonstrate their skillset during simulate drills as if they were on-scene of an incident.  Classroom instruction is designed to simulate that of a law enforcement recruit academy.  

    Pathway Course Sequence:

    • Orientation to Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Services
      10th grade, semester class
    • Law Enforcement, Detention and Corrections I
      11th grade, full year class
    • Law Enforcement, Detention and Corrections II
      12th grade, full year class


Did You Know?

  • There are many employment opportunities to be discovered within the program area of Law Enforcement, Detention and Corrections. Private detectives, probation officers, fish and game wardens, legal secretaries, bailiffs, animal control workers, judges, law clerks, lawyers and forensic science technicians will all benefit from the skillset offered in the pathway.

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The Law is On Your Side

  • Law Enforcement Officers respond to a variety of situations and some work on special units such as, patrol, K-9, motorcycle, SWAT or as a detective.  They must memorize laws, rules, protocols, general court procedures as well as possess good interpersonal skills.
    All Idaho police officers are certified by the Peace Officers Standards and Training program (POST), regardless if they work for the city, county or state. To be certified, you must be at least 21 years old, pass both a written and physical exam as well as complete basic training, pass background checks, and be well both mentally and physically.  For complete details see Idaho Peace Officer Professional Responsibilities and Standards.

CTE Center- Renaissance Campus

  • The police service program provides and one-of-a kind experience for students interested in this career field.  Students will travel to CTE Center- Renaissance Campus to complete this pathway.   

    The CTE Center-Renaissance Campus is located on the Renaissance High School campus, in Meridian, Idaho.  This campus features a state of the art career technical facility, housing numerous CTE programs as well as serving students as a School of Choice High School that focuses on academic rigor and college readiness.