• Board Members

     President -   Hydi Nasiatka

     Vice President -  Jennifer Grover

     Secretary  -  Katie Gray

     Treasurer  -  Maria Johnson-Lorchner

             Fundraising - OPEN POSITION


    The PTSO needs Volunteers for the 2017-2018 School year:

    *President (in Training)

    *Treasurer (in training)


    *General Board Member

    *Concession Stand Coordinator

    *Concession Stand Helpers

    *Eat and Earn Events Coordinator

    *Teacher appreciation Week

    *8th grade Turning Point Breakfast





    Why come to a PTSO meeting?

     « PTSO meetings are a great opportunity to meet other MMS parents and staff. 

    « You can be the first to hear about important news and  upcoming events at school.

    « You can learn how to volunteer your time, on campus or off, to positively impact the learning experience of all students at MMS. 

    « PTSO meetings bring together the home and the school so that parents and teachers may cooperate in the education of our children.

    « You can be involved in the decision making of what we want our PTSO goals to be.




    *The PTSO was able to donate $3000 to the athletic department towards new uniforms, supplies and scholarships with our concession sales!

    *The PTSO provided lunch for our Reality Town volunteers!

    *The PTSO provided an amazing week for our teachers and staff for Teacher Appreciation Week! *The PTSO was able to donate money for prizes in our MMS Game Room!

    *The PTSO was able to provide breakfast for our 8th Graders the day of Turning Point!