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  • Week 6&7! WOW  I just love, love, LOVED seeing so many sweet faces yesterday at our Microsoft Teams meet and greet!  I can't wait to see you again on Friday!  Oh how I wish we have more time with each other in class face to face. :)  I know many of you will be moving to the new school, Pleasant View Elementary.  I have worked with both of their new first-grade teacher and they are absoluetly wonderful teachers!  Anyway, let's end this year with a spectacular celebration!
    On May 29th you are invited to a Kindergarten promotion car parade!  YAY!  Instead of having a gathering in the school gym we are making it even more memorable this year.  The parade route as well as the date and time are shown below. This is the perfect time to make some noise and celebrate!  You have worked hard this year, both at school and especially at home.  Decorate your car, dress up if you like, and cheer out the window!  As the car parade moves through the bus loop student's school supplies will be handed out and then the car parade will continue to move through the mapped out loop in the parking lot.  There will be a photo booth set up for a quick picture taking opportunity for teacher and student.  Please communicate with me your comfort level on this.  We can absolutely keep our distance in the picture or even stand near each other without touching.  If you would rather do a parent-student picture rather than with the teacher that is okay too.  We just want this time to be memorable and fun!
    Kindergarten Promotion Celebration Invite: Click Here
    Car Parade Route: Click Here
    LAST CHANCE Supply Pick-up:
    June 1st 
    5:30 pm - 6:30 pm
     pick up
    Extension to Reading & Sight Words:
    I am including a couple of documents that hold a few 1st grade resources in the event that your child has mastered the kindergarten sight words or needs additional reading materials.  These documents come from the Journeys Reading Curriculum and I have used them in the past when teaching 1st grade.  
    Here are a few things to look for in the story: Grab That Crab      Slips, Flips, Flops     Jim
    • Consonant blends - these are words that have two consonants side- by- side (gr, sl, st, nd, etc) and both letters make a sound (unlike th, ch, sh these are called digraphs).  consonant blends are often difficult for early learners because one sound will get skipped over.  For example, the word slip is read like sip or lip. 
    • Sight Word Practice Pages - As students write the word I ask that they also spell it out loud so that they have a visual and verbal connection with the letters that make up each word. I would even throw in other fun ways to write.  For example, first write in pencil, next write in crayon, last write in marker. click here, herehere, here, or here.
    Tech. Support
    The West Ada technology department is available for support for parents and students.  The IT help desk is available from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.  For example, if you need help resetting a PowerSchool login (iStation, iRead), call 208-350-5300.
    iStation Program (different)
    The West Ada School District has purchased an expanded form of iStation that your child can access at home. This program is used at school for testing purposes. 
    iRead Program
    iRead is a technology-based reading program.  Within this program students can practice skill like, the alphabet, letter sounds, sight words, reading strategies, reading, and responding to ebooks.   Below are the directions on how to access this program, please note that if you would like the username and password I must give that to you over the phone.  Please send me an email and I will give you a call :) (This information was given out a parten-teacher conferences back in October if you still have that information).
    1. West Ada website, www.westada.org
    2. Parent/Student tab in the blue bar at the top
    3. Educational Apps
    4. iRead
    Mobile Acces direction: click here for Mobile iRead
    Roaring Springs Tickets

    Pick up your ticket at Roaring Springs Ticket Booth.

    Ticket will be in will-call under student’s name. Only one ticket will be issued to students who completed required reading minutes and were submitted to Roaring Springs by the student’s teacher/coordinator.

    Ticket is valid for one (1) full-day admission from

    2020 season opening day-September 7, 2020 only, no exceptions. Ticket has no cash value and cannot be combined with any other coupon, promotion, or daily special. Tickets are non-transferable. Ticket may only be used by the child who earned it. The ticket cannot be used for group events or school outings. Lost, stolen, or damaged tickets cannot be replaced.

    Click here: iSpy Beach
    Just for Fun!

    Free Breakfast & Lunch Combo Meals for Kids

    FREE Breakfast & Lunch Combo Meals for kids ages 1-18

    Service Hours: 11am – 1pm, Monday - Friday Only

    Sites providing meals: click here

    Children must be present in order to receive a free meal; parents may not pick up free meals for their children.
    If a parent would like to pick up additional meals for children not present at pick up, then they will be charged $5.00 per combo meal. Exact change required.

    Please refer to the district website for the most current information, West Ada Meal Program for Kids (COVID-19 update). 



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