• Do You Need a Computer Lab, Laptop Cart, or iPads?

    Click on the following link to see and edit the current reservation calendar:

    Library Resource Calendar



  • In order to reserve one of the above resources, please use the link and follow the directions on the page to reserve the resource.

    **NEW** You can edit the form yourself. **NEW**

    If you have problems, please contact Cindee Hersey at Hersey.Cindee@westada.org

    You can also call the library (Cindee's desk = x1045, circ desk = x1046) or stop by to ask Cindee in person.

    When possible, we prefer to schedule full-day reservations in the library lab and partial-day reservations in labs 17 and 36.

    In order to reserve your hallway laptop cart, please see your hallway's subfolder in SharePoint.


  • Please note that the iPads will not run Flash programs (this includes many games), and that Laptop Carts A & B do not have printing capability.

    ipads no flash

    carts do not print