• COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course explores drawing and painting at higher levels with an emphasis on original compositions.  Students will work with a variety of drawing and painting media and techniques and will be exposed to a variety of artists and art movements throughout the semester course.

    PREREQUISITES: Design and Drawing

    OBJECTIVES:  Students will…

    Demonstrate their understanding of the following:

    • Techniques: contour & gesture line, perspective, value, color theory, basic composition & layout, observational drawing, and proportion.

    Develop and refine skills in the following:

    • Media: pencil, pen & ink, colored pencil, acrylic paint, and a variety of printmaking methods in addition to other media that will be introduced at the teacher’s discretion.  

    Be exposed to various artistic styles in art history and the master artists working in those genres, including, but not limited to, the following:

    • Art History: Symbolism and Realism.

    Describe, analyze and make judgments about works of art as well as make connections between art and humanity:

    • Critical Analysis & Connections: using art specific vocabulary, students will analyze art works, then apply their knowledge of the elements and principles to make informed, well-supported judgments about the cultural/historical and aesthetic value of each piece.

    MATERIALS NEEDED:  Students will be provided a variety of art materials with which to work.  In addition to these, students are asked to come to class each day with 2HB pencils (wooden pencils are preferred) and a functional eraser.  For a list of donation needs, please see the "Wish List" listed in the left-hand navigation bar.