MVHS Hitting Facility

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    Please help the young men and women of the Mountain View High School baseball and softball teams raise the funds needed to construct and equip an Indoor Hitting Facility.  Construction of this facility will enable these players to hone their hitting mechanics year round before and after school under the supervision of their coaches.

    The funds will be used to complete engineering and construction of a large metal building located on the current baseball/softball facility.  Additionally, funds may be used to purchase batting cages, screens, balls and other equipment needed to furnish the facility for its intended purpose. 

    This article explains 10 Reasons Why High School Sports Benefit Students!  Help these students today!
    This donation is eligible for the Idaho State Tax Credit!  
     Contribution Amount      
     $1000  $2000
     Federal Tax Savings
     250  500
     Idaho State Tax Savings
     74 148 
     Idaho Tax Credit
     500  1000
     Total Savings for the Year
     824  1648
     Your actual cost of the gift
     176  352
    Charitable gifts to the Education Foundation can be claimed as a tax deduction on both federal and state income tax returns.  To claim the deduction you must itemize your deductions and file a Schedule A Form.  In addition, Idaho taxpayers are entitled to claim a tax credit for such donations whether or not they itemize.  For married taxpayers a 50% credit is allowed for donations up to $2000, resulting in a maximum credit of $1000.  The above table assumes the persons making the contributions are married, filing a joint return, itemizing their deductions, and in the 25% tax bracket for federal and the 7.4% tax bracket for Idaho.  Consult your tax advisor for more information.
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