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  • Research and Data Analysis Coordinator: Dr. Eian Harm

    The aim of research performed within The West Ada School District is to support decisions made toward achieving the district’s strategic plan. Our research group works hard to develop evaluation plans and methods of measurement for the district’s varied program implementations. Additionally, university and staff-level research projects are coordinated in order to align these endeavors toward the district’s goals. All research within the district is done in collaboration with both staff and building administration in order to design and conduct programs that are deemed to be vital and effective before being brought “to scale.” Depending on the research question, varying methods and outcomes are used to make decisions and determine success. Evaluation reports are created yearly which objectively describe program implementations and outcomes. These analyses serve to inform staff, decision makers, and planners in the district- as well as to ensure our community regarding accountability of resource allocation.

    If you have any questions regarding research within our district feel free to email harm.eian@westada.org