Absence Management for Substitutes

  • Absence Management

    Sign On Link for Absence Managment

    Now, you can check for available substitute jobs and access other great features.

    Your Sign-On:

    Absence Management now uses Single Sign-On functionality.

    • From inside the district, clicking the login link for a Frontline application will automatically log you into the Insights Platform.
    • To access Absence Management from outside the district, enter your district username and password to log in using the multi-factor authentication method.

    Using Your Phone:

    Dial-in access to search for and accept jobs within Absence Management is available via a toll-free, automated voice instruction menu at 1-800-942-3767.
    We recommend calling in to check the computer recording of your name by pressing Option 4.
    Just Call 1-800-942-3767

    Your Absence Management User ID and PIN are still required to use this service.
    Please contact the Sub Placement Administration office at 208-887-6062 if you need help with your User ID and PIN.


    Multi-District Substitutes:

    If you substitute for multiple districts, you may merge all of your Absence Management accounts into a single login.
    If you wish to do this, please contact the West Ada Sub Placement Administration office at 208-887-6062 for assistance.
    More information about setting up your Frontline ID as a multi-district sub may be found here: