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    In life science we will be covering six units, three each semester, with a district required EOC (End of Course) assessment at the end of each semester. This is an inquiry based, hands-on science class with many dissections and labs. The units are: 1) All living things are composed of cells, 2) Cell processes, 3) Cells are organized into systems, 4) Plants and animals reproduce, 5) Plants and animals are interdependent and 6) Change over time. 

    Students will be graded as follows: Classwork (all classwork not finished in class is considered homework)  = 10%, Projects = 15%, Labs = 25%, Quizzes = 20%, Assessments (Unit finals) = 30% (2 per semester)

    Students are allowed to redo any classwork, lab report, project or SMS assessment through the end of each SMS quarterly cutoff date. These dates are: 10/20/17, 1/12/18, 3/16/18 and 5/25/18.  Quizzes  and unit tests may only be retaken if effort has been shown to relearn the material. This is shown by correcting the original assessment with an explanation of what mistakes were made and what was learned from them, getting a parent signature and coming to the designated redo day during advisory.  Do NOT just memorize answers as the redo quiz or test will be a different version of the original assessment. Classwork, lab reports and projects can just be redone by adding any missing material and correcting what was wrong. Signatures and explanations are not required. WestAda District EOCs are not able to be redone.

    Individual extra credit is not provided per SMS grading policy, however, there will be enrichment questions on quizzes and unit tests. Be sure to show your growth mindset and accept the challenge by trying to answer them. They are marked as extra points but do not remove points for your effort.

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    Expectations for Mrs. Williams’ Class:

    1. Be on time and prepared for class. To be on time means sitting in your seat when the tardy bell rings, having all supplies in class and having  “Please Take Out” items listed on the board out on your desk.
    2. Respect yourself, others and property.
    3. Follow directions.
    4. Follow the Sawtooth Law. (See back)
    5. Participate in your own learning. Ask questions! Be curious. Take risks.
    6. All electronic devices will remain off and out of sight during class unless specific permission to use is given. They will be confiscated if permission has not been given.


    Classroom Behavior

    Sawtooth Law

    Be:  Respectful, Responsible, Reliable, Ready


    1. Praise
    2. Call or email home
    3. Good grades
    4. Sawtooth Way card
    5. Success and feeling of confidence in science


    1. Warning
    2. Step 1, teacher/student conference
    3. Step 2, call/email home
    4. Step 3, office referral, removal from class
    5. Step 4, teacher/student/parent/admin conference

    *Immediate referral for severe behavior.