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CDSA Virtual Talent Show 2021 "Remember Me"


Sawyer Grohs, Evyn Walts, Brooklynn Schulthies-A Thousand Years


Christian Jeffery-Jokes





Cooper Munns- Trick Shot


Mikaela Klein-I Remember and You Say




Elliot Naegle-Painting a Rainbow



Gwen Heiss-The Good Ones



Bailey Grohs- Just a Girl Who Loves Horses



Lydia Allen-Happy Farmers



Johnie Karabinus-Make-up


Kynzli Davis-Mary Had a Little Lamb and Old MacDonald


Natalie Lamar-Gymnastics



Katie Green and Violet Brewer-Be True to Your School



Rhett Davis-Baseball Hit



McKenzie Schulthies-Dancing With Frankenstein



Riley Partridge-Martial Arts



Nia Garcia-Apology Song



Ariyah Gray-Magic Tricks




Lily Hammon and Aubree Coe



Zoey Cheng-Farm


Evie MacDonald-Who Let the Dogs Out?


Paige Burney


Have a Great Summer!