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Kindergarten Registrations

Kindergarten Registration is happening now.

To register your student please go to: The District's New Student Registration Website, fill out the form.

You will need to provide your student's birth certificate, immunization records, and a current bill that is connected to your home (i.e. an electrical bill, gas bill, trash bill, sewer bill, lease agreement, or purchase agreement) to the school.

Once your student is registered and you have provided all of these records for us we will send an invitation for you to sign up for our Kindergarten Meet and Greet.

The Kindergarten Meet and Greet is by invitation only. There will be no open house this year. Please do not wait to register your student we would love to see you at the Meet and Greet.

Feel free to share this with your friends that might have Kindergarten age students that need to be registered.