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Raptor Security Check In System

The West Ada School District has installed the Raptor Security System at Mary McPherson. This year, all visitors to our school will be required to check-in using this system.


The system requires the scanning of a visitor's valid driver's license or other government issued ID card. The scanning of the government ID ensures schools maintain a log of all visitors and instantly checks each visitors data (ID photo, name, date of birth, and last for digits of ID) against a database of registered sex offenders in all 50 states and a data base containing information regarding any court ordered protections, custodial arrangements, etc. 


Please remember to bring your driver's license or other government issued ID card with you when visiting Mary McPherson. Thank you for partnership in helping keep our school safe.


Click here for additional information on the Raptor Security System including what data is collected and stored, as well as how it is used, protected, and who can access it.