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Attention all Visitors

West Ada School District has a new check in system for parents and visitors.The Raptor Security System is a visitor management system that is used to protect the students, faculty and other visitors at the schools. It reads the visitor’s driver’s license and compares that information to a sex offender database. It will alert school administrators if a match is found. When coming to Paramount for the first time, you must come to the front office with your ID to have it scanned. After you have checked in the first time you will then start using the touchpad kiosk to sign in and out. All visitors need to sign in when coming onto school grounds or into the building. This includes but is not limited to volunteering, walking club, just dropping something off, meeting with the teacher, having lunch with your child, or walking students to their classrooms even if you think it is just for a minute.


**If you are needing to check out a student early from school you will need to have your ID and come to the front office. Students will no longer be able to get called out of class early. Parents/guardians must present ID before students will be called out of class. If for some reason someone besides a parent/guardian needs to check out a student please notify the front office and make sure they know to bring ID also. Please remember to bring your driver’s license every time you come to check in to the building