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Featured Book Review from our 5th Graders

5th Graders at Prospect are challenged to read and review 40 books during the school year.  You can find some of their best work featured below:


Book Reviews from 5th Graders:

Submitted by Kathryn 
I finished a book called Camp. It is by Kayla Miller and has 213 pages. In the beginning Willow and Olive go to a summer camp. In the middle Willow only wants to spend time with Olive but Olive wants to be with everyone. Then they get into a fight. In the end they work it out and have fun. I loved this book a lot.
Submitted by Gracie
I just finished a book called Because of Winn-Dixie this book had 182 pages in it. In the beginning of this book Opal was going to the store to get her dad some food so he could make dinner. Another thing that happened was Opal got into the store and saw a dog ruining everything. She got in trouble because she said the dog was hers and the owner got mad and said "don't you know you aren't supposed to bring dogs in the store?" The last event that happened was she brought the dog home and asked her dad if she could keep it and he said yes! I give this book 4/5. This book was by Kate DiCamillo. 
Submitted by Andrew 
I read a book called Amulet the 8th book SuperNova and its by Kazu Kibuishi and has 197 pages. It is about a girl named Emily and she has special Amulet powers and in the last book she went crazy and unleashed her full mega power the fire bird. Then book she started destroying everything and the other Amulet people tried to stop her. Then she remembered and got her self out of the special fire bird. She had to then stop her dad also known as the void keeper from hurting the universe. This was very good book with a lot of good details.