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Inclement Weather and School Closures

Please check for school closures. 
With the start of winter storms, West Ada School District is again planning and ready for the possibility of school closures.The decision to close schools is a process which is not taken lightly by the district. As storms approach, district staff monitor weather forecasts in preparation to check road conditions during the night and into the early morning before the start of school. If school is cancelled because of poor road conditions, information about the closure will be posted on the district website and local media will also be notified. 
The decision to close school needs to be made between 5 a.m. and 6 a.m. on the morning school will be closed in order to have adequate time to alert parents, students, staff and the community of the school closure.
Frequently Asked Questions About School Closures

Who makes the decision to close schools?
The decision to close schools is made by district staff based on input from the national weather service, local weather broadcasts, and input from staff who check road conditions in various areas of the district.

Does the district lose funding on "snow days?"
No. Idaho law allows for emergency closures without financial penalty.

What if school is not closed but a parent feels conditions are not safe for their child to go to school?
Decisions about a child's safety are decisions made by parents and families. If a parent decides not to send their child to school because of bad weather, the parent still needs to notify the school the student will be absent and the reason for the absence is poor weather conditions. The absence will be recorded by the school, but will not be counted toward the loss of credits at the high school level if this absence is the only one which puts the student over the maximum of 3 absences per class, per semester.
Idaho Department of Transportation - They show a map of highway conditions and closures, give tips on what emergency equipment you should have in your vehicle, make suggestions about how to drive safely on snow and ice, and much more.