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Report Cards Delivered Through PowerSchool

This year, end of trimester grades and comments will be delivered through PowerSchool. Teachers will NOT print a report card or comments page at the end of the trimester.


Parents will need to log into PowerSchool to access grades and comments at the end of the trimester. In order to do so, parents will need 2 documents.

  1.  Step-by-step instruction sheet

  2. Individual student letter with access ID and password.


These documents were distributed at Back-to-School Night or sent home afterwards in weekly communication from the classroom teacher. If you misplaced either of these documents please contact the classroom teacher, or e-mail the front office at


A five minute tutorial video is available for parents to view. The video shows how to create a PowerSchool account, how to add students to the account, and how to navigate the site to view current year, end of trimester grades and comments.


You can find the video at: