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Expect Great Counselors

West Ada Counselors

Commitment, Caring, Compassion and Connecting the Community 

When school counselors work together on projects the sky is the limit. Marji Bass and Judy Herman have worked together as Dancer school counselors at the West Ada School District for over twenty years. Marji retired two years ago after 30 years as a math teacher, counselor and then testing coach at the District Service Center. Judy began her career 23 years ago as a school counselor at Lake Hazel Elementary and moved to Cecil D. Andrus Elementary to open the school in 1997. Marji and Judy stay connected through their book club whose other members are also retired or current school counselors. 

Two years ago Judy and Marji put their heads and hearts together to connect the Willowbrook Community in Garden City with students from Andrus who would appreciate a present or two under the tree at Christmas.  The Willowbrook Community generously opened their hearts to ten Andrus families providing them with Christmas gifts, a food box, a turkey and gift cards to Walmart ensuring that our Andrus students would have a very merry Christmas.

To show appreciation for Willowbrook's generosity Judy organized a thank-you luncheon for 20 Willowbrook residents at Andrus Elementary on Friday, February 12, 2017. The Meridian Walmart Store donated luncheon platters and a cake for the luncheon and the Willowbook community was treated to a lovely Valentine luncheon alongside the students they so generously sponsored at Christmas. While at Andrus the Willowbrook community was entertained by five talented fifth grade Andrus students who performed piano selections, a violin piece and interpretive dance. Our guests, ranging in age from 60 to 96, thoroughly enjoyed themselves and said they felt they were treated like VIPs!

counselors Willowbrook residents were given a tour of our school by Principal Peggy Ellis showcasing our students’ artistic talents. Our guests were very touched and described the experience as eye-opening. They were excited and impressed by the student's and teacher's enthusiasm in the classrooms, the use of technology by students and teachers and how meaningful the work displayed was. The residents feel they have a better understanding of what the modern classroom and school now look like and the varied and amazing opportunities being presented to the students. Willowbrook is in the process of brainstorming further ideas of how Andrus and Willowbrook can work together in the future for the benefit of both communities and Andrus welcomes future collaboration with the Willowbrook Community!

Stop by your school counselors’ office to let them know how much you appreciate their commitment, caring and compassion for your children and their work to connect our schools with our community.


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