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Barbara Morgan Teacher Receives Coveted Jacobs Educator Award for Outstanding Use of Technology in Classroom

October 3, 2016 – Barbara Morgan STEM Academy teacher Kim Miller is being recognized for her exceptional use of technology in the classroom with the Jacobs Educator Award. This national award recognizes Pre-K through 12 teachers who use technology to support innovative learning in their classrooms. With this award comes a community of highly successful teachers who collaborate with the School of Education at Indiana University Bloomington on teaching, research and special projects.


“I applied for the Jacobs Educator Award after Barbara Morgan encouraged the teachers at BMSA to apply. After learning more about the program, I was excited for an opportunity to work with educational technology researchers who are from a wider geographical area than Idaho,” Kim Miller explained. “Through my involvement with Discovery Education, I have learned the importance of sharing ideas not just within our own school and district, but across the nation and world. I saw the Jacobs Educator Award as an opportunity to learn and share with educators.”


Miller’s leadership in education is evident through her involvement on campus as Technology Integration Lead. Through this position, Miller instructs colleagues on new technology tools and resources, and helps them set up integrated technology so it contributes to extended learning in lessons.


“She routinely goes above and beyond for her students and colleagues in her effort to provide and support inquiry, technology integration and project-based learning,” Principal Ryan Wilhite shared. “Our academy would not be what it is today without her investment and influence.”


Her investment of time stretches beyond her day as a 2nd-grade teacher and Technology Integration Lead and into the after school hours as an advisor for the Coder’s Club and Technology Club. These highly-engaged students are taught to write computer code and provide technical support on campus through Miller’s specialized lessons. According to Principal Wilhite, these students learn to manage school-wide video announcements and provide support at performances through these unique opportunities.


“I love teaching at a STEM school because we get the opportunity to deeply explore science concepts and help students see how their ELA and math skills are connected and applied,” Kim Miller explained.  “My favorite lessons to teach are when we are utilizing technology to create something where students have to apply skills they have learned in science, social studies, ELA and math.”


As a Jacobs Educator, Miller will receive a $1,500 stipend at the conclusion of her one-year appointment, $1,000 to be used for the purchase of classroom technology, and funds to support travel to Indiana University so she may participate in a Jacobs Educator event and meet with technology researchers.

“I would encourage all teachers to reach out and apply for opportunities where they can connect with other educators. The issues and obstacles we face are not only found in our own classrooms and schools, but in many classrooms and schools across our nation,” Miller shared. “I think it is imperative we work together and reach out to other educators to begin solving the challenges facing public education.”

Please visit the Jacobs Educator Award website for more information about this unique opportunity. 
Students Outdoor Learning, Kim Miller
Miller's students participate in safari animal scavenger hunt using Google Maps, QR codes and research to identify animals.
Miller's Students Use iPads  
Miller's students use iPads and green screening to record a puppet retelling of a book read in class.