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Andrus Teacher Joins Top Teaching Bloggers of Scholastic

October 14, 2016 – Shari Carter’s kindergarten classroom at Andrus Elementary is a not only a place where young children begin learning and socializing with others, but a place where countless lessons for educators are created as well. As a Top Teaching blogger for Scholastic, Carter impacts thousands as she writes about the unique lessons and programs taught in her classroom.


“She makes learning come alive – it’s been a real advantage to our school,” Principal Peggy Ellis explained. “Her blog is valuable to teachers and other school staff for its wealth of professional ideas. It is also widely read by the parents of students in her classroom.”


Her writing style is unique. Choose any given blog to peruse and you will likely find a few photos of her classroom, students or even her family, and a familiar voice in the writing which makes you feel as if she is sharing the lesson exclusively with you.


“I had read many educational blogs and followed some pretty amazing teachers. I knew there was great value in sharing ideas,” Carter shared of finding her writing stride. “My favorite type of blogs to write are the ones that feature topics near and dear to my heart. It is easy to write about the things you love and enjoy doing and sharing with others. I try to remember this when I ask my students to write too.”


Carter is not shy to share the invitation to join Top Teaching was a little nerve-wracking for the never-before-blogger. “Scholastic provides a tremendous amount of support to their bloggers,” said Carter of easing her doubts. “Scholastic reassured me that my love and passion for teaching was more than enough to become a blogger.”


The support Carter and her fellow bloggers receive from Scholastic includes traveling to corporate headquarters in New York City where they go through extensive training on the blog platform, general writing principles, and meet with their editors. The real fun is in interacting with blogging peers from across the country and taking part in video and photo shoots for blog promotion.


“I had never been to NYC before and just those trips alone have been such an amazing and enriching experience,” Carter shared. “Scholastic genuinely values teacher input and I am always excited when I get the opportunity to work with other educators to assist in making decisions about products, web design and promotions.”


All the training and long hours working alongside fellow education bloggers elsewhere in the country has paid off, too.


“I am given a lot of freedom in the topics I write about. Scholastic encourages me to write about the things that are important to me and have relevance in my own classroom,” Carter shared. “Occasionally I am given materials from different Scholastic departments to use in my classroom and then share in my blog. I have also reviewed books and incorporated them into a blog post.”


Reading through her most recent blog posts you see how her teaching expertise and creativity could encourage other educators to explore new lessons. In a post published Monday, October 10, Carter focuses a lesson on creepy crawly spiders, fitting with the Halloween season. Within the broader spider lesson, in which she taught students what a spider is and characteristics of the creature, she taught writing, math and art.


“My blogging journey really has just become a giant memory book of what is happening in my kindergarten classroom,” Carter shared fondly. “My students and their families look forward to and enjoy reading all about what we are doing in our classroom and also seeing their children’s sweet little faces in my blogs. This has been quite a ride and has definitely bettered me as a teacher. Having the opportunity and platform to share my love for teaching with others, is something I will always be thankful for.”


Andrus staff applauds Carter’s work as a Top Teaching blogger with Scholastic. “Shari is such a humble person, she shares graciously with other teachers and is generous with ideas and suggestions,” Principal Ellis explained. “I love that she makes her colleagues part of her experience and invites ideas and discussions. Anything that supports teaching and learning is always my favorite.”


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