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Mountain View’s Cassie Shelton Named Idaho Foreign Language Teacher of the Year

October 21, 2016 – Mountain View High School German teacher, Cassie Shelton, has recently been named the Idaho Foreign Language Teacher of the Year by the Idaho Association of Teachers of Language and Culture.


“My classroom needs to be a place where students feel self-confidence so they have the desire to explore, learn and communicate in German. When students feel comfortable in the classroom they are willing to take risks and they learn so much faster,” Shelton explained of what she has learned as an educator. “This year I'm lucky enough to have 34 seniors in my German IV class. It is so rewarding to see these kids who could not say a thing in German four years ago now able to converse easily with me and their classmates. I know it is the classroom atmosphere and the type of activities that kept them coming back each year for more.”


The recognition Shelton has received by her peers as a recipient of this award stretches beyond the education she provides students in her classroom.


“I feel being the state Foreign Language Teacher of the Year is a huge honor, but it also comes with responsibility,” Shelton shared. “I hope to be an advocate for World Language learning and I hope I have the opportunity to help other foreign language teachers better their skills as educators.” 

Mountain View Teacher Cassie Shelton