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Lake Hazel Opens Time Capsule Sealed Since 1991

October 26, 2016 – Lake Hazel Elementary celebrated a milestone yesterday as they opened a time capsule sealed 25 years ago. When it was sealed back in 1991, the school had recently been through much change. They had converted from an intermediate campus to an elementary and were teaching younger students. Their mascot had undergone a switch too, from the sharks to the lions. Retired Lake Hazel teacher Kathie Hilliard came back to present the contents of the capsule and share with students what life was like in 1991. Many of the students who originally helped fill the capsule were at the presentation, but now as parents of students attending the school. Retired teachers were also in attendance, and a few teachers around Lake Hazel in 1991 are still working for West Ada.

Contents taken from the 1991 capsule will be on display at the Lake Hazel Elementary campus.