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West Ada Blows the Top off College Credits

Concurrent Credits

West Ada Students Blow the Top off Earning Concurrent Credits

In a single year, West Ada students increased the number of concurrent credits they earned by more than 15,000. Preliminary credit counts have high school students earning 33,318 college credits - up from 18,083.

Thirty-three thousand credits equals 1,100 years of college credits. A year of college in at an Idaho public university costs about $15,000 per year in tuition, room and board. One thousand one hundred years of college is $16.5 million in college savings West Ada students have in the bank, saving students and their families on the cost of college or other post-secondary programs.
The success is a combination of factors. First, of course, are the students' efforts and their family's support. Second are the teachers that have a Masters in their subject area, which allows them to teach concurrent credit courses. West Ada's has been preparing our school system to offer concurrent credits going back to 2008. Since then, the district has worked on building partnerships with ISU, BSU, CWI and U of I to offer concurrent credits. At the same time, West Ada has expanded concurrent credit offerings, to the point now where at two schools - Renaissance High and Eagle High - students can work on earning an Associate’s Degree during high school. Planning is in place to expand this program to all of West Ada's high schools.
The final piece was the Fast Forward program funded by the State of Idaho. Under this program, starting in 8th grade students have a total of $4125 that they can use to pay the $65 per credit cost for concurrent credits, as well as pay for the cost to take AP exams or earn certifications in Career Technical Education (CTE).
The net result was an explosion of additional college credits, and preliminary data shows that the number AP and CTE exams have also increased this year.

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