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Prom Dress Closet Offers Affordable Formal Wear Options for High School Students

Student Council Models Prom Dresses  

Centennial High School Student Council members model prom dress closet offerings. 
April 6, 2017 – Prom is days away for some students in West Ada School District, a rite of passage for teenagers marked with beautiful outfits, corsages and boutonnieres, flashing cameras, and a dance floor. Centennial High School Student Council is easing the financial burden for some young women by offering a selection of prom dresses and accessories in their newly minted prom dress closet.


“We really wanted to make sure every girl felt beautiful and strong on their prom night. We did not want anyone to miss out because they could not afford to buy a sparkly dress,” Machaela Burt, Student Council Advisor, gushed. “And for those donating their formal dresses, we know it can be a sacrifice to give up something you spent quite a bit of money on. But, in giving and receiving, we are creating a culture of understanding and gratitude we hope affects our student body.”


The prom dress closet offers four try-on days, April 7-8 and 12-13, where young women can check out the selection with their parent or guardian. If a dress is selected for wear, the family leaves a $30 deposit returned to them once they have returned the dress.


“We originally had a pretty low goal for how many dresses we would have donated, but almost doubled that number in what we actually received,” Junior Class Representative Jordan Wagner shared. “Our goal next year is to get as many dresses donated as possible. Eventually, we would like to offer tuxedos and maybe even hair styling services.”


Student Council members leading this program were pleased with the initial turnout - students and community members donated approximately 30 formal dresses this year.


“I am really proud of the students’ work on this project, and have been so grateful for the response we have received,” Burt shared.


Prom Dresses   
Are you interested in donating formal wear for the prom dress closet? Drop off your items at Centennial High School’s office. Their Student Council is hosting the prom dress closet out of room 237.


Prom Dress Closet Needs:

· Cleaned and gently worn formal wear

· Variety of sizes and styles

· Formal shoes, shawls, handbags, jewelry, etc.