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Adobe Certifications Earn Sawtooth Students Multitude of Opportunities

Boy with Adobe Certifications

May 3, 2017 – Sawtooth Middle School students are leading the state in Photoshop certifications, earning technical skillsets many adults do not achieve without significant time in higher education settings. These students are part of the Adobe Create Idaho Pilot program on their campus, setting future generations of Idahoans on career-focused paths early in their lives.
“The certification program is unique to Sawtooth, the state of Idaho, and the world due to the visionary work of the stakeholders involved,” Ronice Gilbertson, computer and keyboarding teacher at Sawtooth, explained. “Students become life-long learners who are self-motivated. By obtaining an industry level certification, students have boundless opportunities.”
Career and Technical Education programming at the middle school level supports this initiative at Sawtooth. The State Department of Education created and funded this pilot program in conjunction with Adobe. Mountain View High School also participated in the pilot this year. West Ada School District will host this program in four more schools next year: Centennial, Eagle and Meridian high schools, and Idaho Fine Arts Academy.
“Students are excited to start their educational pursuit of the building linkages in IT occupations for entry level, technical, and professional careers,” Gilbertson explained.
Students in Sawtooth’s program have already earned 33 certifications in Photoshop, three in Illustrator, and seven in InDesign, with plans to earn more by the end of this school year. When the trifecta of certifications complete are complete for each student, they have the opportunity to certify as a visual design specialist. The first Sawtooth student to succeed in this endeavor completed their certification in March.
Rob Schwartz, of ACA Test Prep, created a four-minute video congratulating Sawtooth students on their accomplishments in the Create Idaho Adobe Pilot program.
Certiport tracks these industry certifications for educators like Gilbertson – encouraging students through these technical programs. She shared the website provides insight on the grade point average, high school diplomas earned, and college level course work completed by students with and without these certifications – showing students with the supplemental career-focused education are more likely to succeed in school than those not participating.




Average GPA (based on 4.0)



12th graders earning diploma



At least one college-level course