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District's Culinary Arts Recognized as Exemplary Program in Idaho

District Administrators Receiving Exemplary Award September 13, 2017 - West Ada’s culinary arts received exemplary program recognition and a $2,000 award by the Idaho State Division of Career and Technical Education in August. The Exemplary Award was presented at the statewide conference. The conference is designed to train and support Career and Technical Education (CTE) teachers and school administrators, ensuring successful delivery of CTE programs.


To earn exemplary recognition, programs must provide quality teaching, curriculum and current industry-aligned equipment and practices as well as meet student accessibility criteria. Programs receiving this recognition have an active local advisory board comprised of industry and agency partners, engage students in leadership experiences, and demonstrate program improvement goals through a multi-year comprehensive budget and program plan.


West Ada’s culinary arts magnet program opened in 2008 in the CTE Center at Renaissance High School with a vision of becoming the culinary gem of the northwest. The opening highlighted a state-of-art culinary center, which includes a computer lab, bakery, kitchen, restaurant entrance and window-laden dining area. The program offers students three years of sequenced culinary classes beginning in 10th grade at their home high school. 

Renaissance Culinary Center


The senior-level capstone class is taught at the CTE Center where students from throughout the district come together to run a live café, open to the public on Thursdays and Fridays for lunch. Students sharpen their skills through applied practice as they learn the trade during school and while working with area chefs on special community culinary events.


The program received a rare five-year national accreditation in 2014 from the Secondary Committee of the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation Accrediting Commission. 


Come have lunch at Café Renaissance and see the students in action. Full details available at