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Counselors Help Students Reach for the Stars

Eagle Elementary School of the Arts Students Celebrate Success This School Counselor Appreciation Week, February 5-9, 2018, we celebrate our counselors helping students "reach for the stars" by planning for the future.


At Eagle Elementary School of the Arts, Emily Wells prepares students for the future by getting them to think of careers. She helps them understand how different subject areas correlate to a career. The students assess their strengths in academic areas and research careers in those areas.


In middle school students are given go-on goals through their advisory classes. Counselors help put together the lessons throughout the year. Topics include study habits, organization, time- management, interest inventories, and the Reality Town program.IFAA Students Take Strengths Assessment


High school students are using a new college and career program called Naviance to explore aptitudes and options available. Career counselors, like Sierra Teseo at Idaho Fine Arts Academy, help students navigate through this program with short videos and tutorials. Students take a strenghts explorer assessment as part of the program to detemine what careers they may be interested in, as well as what strengths they could be utilizing.