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Eric Exline Surprised with Leadership Award at Board of Trustees Meeting

Eric Exline and Family Following the Award Resolution April 26, 2018 – The West Ada School Board of Trustees gave Chief Communication Officer Eric Exline special recognition at their meeting Tuesday evening, recognizing his continual outstanding service to the school district by not only presenting him with a new exemplary employee award, but also naming it in his honor. Superintendent Dr. Mary Ann Ranells offered many of the accolades held by Exline in reasoning the dedication of this award.


“He is a leader who is unwavering in his beliefs about what is central to our core values; he knows how to get things accomplished; and he daily inspires those around him to do extraordinary things,” Dr. Ranells said of Exline. “Simply put, he is in love—in love with the work he does, with the purpose his work serves, and with the people he leads and serves. He is more prone to think of what he does as a calling rather than a job.”


Board Chairman Dr. Philip Neuhoff read aloud a proclamation resolving to name the award the Eric Exline Distinguished Leadership Award for the devoted service of its namesake.


The resolution made by the Board of Trustees read as follows: 


WHEREAS, since 1998, Eric Exline serves the West Ada School District in the Communication Department, currently as Chief Communication Officer, fulfilling the West Ada School District mission of “Preparing Today’s Students for Tomorrow’s Challenges;”


WHEREAS, during his twenty year tenure thus far, Mr. Exline has guided the West Ada School District through tremendous enrollment growth with effective and clear communication. Mr. Exline has been a key figure in passing thirteen school bond, supplemental levy, and plant levy election issues providing financial resources necessary for building schools and operating the growing school district; and,


WHEREAS, Mr. Exline serves as chair of the permanent school attendance boundary committee, working alongside school staff, student families, and community patrons in balancing enrollment, throughout which he hosts public hearings where patrons share questions and comments; and,


WHEREAS, Mr. Exline liaises with governmental entities and emergency management operations, along with fellow school districts in Idaho, ensuring  communication channels are open and all are prepared to support one another in times of need; and,


WHEREAS, the Board of Trustees wishes to express their sincere and heartfelt appreciation on behalf of the West Ada School District, its staff, and its students, to Mr. Exline for his continued contributions and dedication to the West Ada School District, by officially naming the exemplary employee recognition award the “Eric Exline Distinguished Leadership Award.”


Eric Exline and Dr. Mary Ann Ranells at Podium with Award NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED:


THAT the West Ada School District exemplary employee recognition award shall be named the “Eric Exline Distinguished Leadership Award;”


THAT the Board of Trustees hereby expresses appreciation on behalf of the West Ada School District to Mr. Exline for continued contributions and dedication to the West Ada School District; and,


THAT the Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Superintendent are hereby authorized to take any actions as may be necessary to confirm the new name of the exemplary employee recognition award.