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Welcoming Principals to New Positions and Schools

September 11, 2018 – West Ada School District welcomed six principals into new positions this school year, with two moving schools and four new to the administrative post. Read more about these six leaders in the following profiles.


Elementary School Principal Changes:

Principal Corinne Hoppe of Eagle Elementary School of the Arts Corinne Hoppe:

Corinne Hoppe is a new principal, tackling her role at Eagle Elementary School of the Arts with enthusiasm for student growth and teacher collaboration. Previously, Hoppe served as vice principal for two years at Spalding STEM Academy and one year at Pioneer School of the Arts. She taught for seven years in a private school, 11 years at Discovery Elementary School in various grade levels, and at Joplin Elementary School for one year.


“Teachers will work together to plan and provide targeted interactive instruction for all students using a variety of strategies. They will monitor student success by using common formative assessments,” Hoppe said of her goals for the year. “I would also like to continue focusing on the arts by integrating them into our grade level curriculum and offering art class, honors choir, band, orchestra, and by proving extra opportunities for artists in residency by collaborating with the community.”



Principal Rhonda McDonough of Discovery Elementary School Rhonda McDonough:

Rhonda McDonough is the new principal at Discovery Elementary School, moving from her previous role as principal of Frontier Elementary School. McDonough served Frontier as principal for seven years, and prior to that was vice principal for three years at Lewis and Clark Middle School. She taught English, social studies and life skills courses for 13 years at Meridian Middle School.


I want us to work together to make 2018-2019 the best year ever. I want every day to count,” McDonough said. “I want kids at Discovery to have fun and get smarter. I want the patrons to believe in us and support decisions that are good for kids. I want us to be kind and patient with each other. Change can be uncomfortable but it can also be inspiring. Let's get inspired together and inspire kids!”




Principal Katie Rutan of Frontier Elementary School Katie Rutan:

Katie Rutan comes into her first year as a principal by leading Frontier Elementary School. She has served as a vice principal at Heritage Middle School for five years, where previously she taught geography for six years. Rutan also taught geography and world civilizations at Sawtooth Middle School for two years.


“I am so excited to be at the elementary level and get to know a whole new age of students. These children are so excited to be at school and the teachers are amazing,” Rutan said. “Our goal is #ensureohana! Ohana means family, and family means no one is left behind or forgotten. Our teachers and students are going to ensure that everyone in the family - staff, students and parents are brought along and are successful.”




Middle School Principal Changes:

Principal Matt Genetti of Eagle Middle School Matt Genetti:

Matt Genetti took over the post of principal at Eagle Middle School in the middle of last school year. Prior to this position, Genetti served Eagle Middle School as assistant principal for five years, head football coach for 11 years, assistant wrestling coach for five years, and taught health, physical education and life skills for 12 years. He taught for two years at Lake Hazel Middle School, was an administrative intern at Galileo STEM Academy, Siena Elementary and Desert Sage Elementary for three years, and served West Ada as lead teacher for health, physical education and life skills for two years.


“This is my 18th year in this building,” Genetti shared. “As we start up the year, it is exciting to welcome 15 new staff members into our school family and impressive to see everyone come together in the students’ best interest. I plan to find creative ways to keep our patrons connected to all that is happening at Eagle Middle School. This shared focus and partnership is vital in meeting the needs of our students.”



Principal Tony Nelson of Star Middle School Tony Nelson:

Tony Nelson served as principal at Eagle Middle School for 11 years before taking on the role of leading the brand new Star Middle School. He started his career in education as a teacher and coach at Meridian Middle School for four years, before taking on the role of administrative intern at Linder Elementary, Andrus Elementary and Meridian Middle School for two years. Following those positions, Nelson served as the assistant principal at Eagle Middle School for seven years and then as principal of Eagle Elementary for two years.


“I am excited to see the staff become a cohesive unit that works well together - that the separate parts will become one unit,” Nelson explained. “They are amazing teachers and it is my challenge and focus to unify us as we head down the road.”




Principal Will Schumaker of Victory Middle School Will Schumaker:

Will Schumaker is a first-time principal and is thrilled to be a Victory Middle School Kodiak. Prior to joining the team at Victory Middle School, Schumaker was assistant principal at Meridian Middle School for two years and an agricultural science and technology teacher at Meridian High School for seven years.


“Our continued goal is to continually increase students’ proficiency in reading, writing and math,” Schumaker said of the team at Victory Middle School. “Parents can help support us at home by reading with their student, helping with homework, and setting technology boundaries in the evenings.”