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Community Fills Gap in Student Needs with Purposity

purposity January 30, 2019 - Social workers in West Ada School District are celebrating the successful launch of the Purposity community-fund tool used to help outfit students in need. In just a few months since it launched, Purposity has more than 700 individual subscribers and has fulfilled more than 150 student needs in our schools.


Download the new Purposity app to join the movement to do good in our community.




October 11, 2018 – Social workers in West Ada School District are celebrating the launch of a new community-fund tool that allows them to ask for help purchasing specific needs of students in our schools. Student needs listed in the new tool, a website called Purposity, are under $250 and include such things as shoes, sports equipment, diapers or baby items for teen parents, and graphing calculators.


Once a week, those subscribed to Purposity are texted a link listing the current needs of students in our district. Users can read why students are in need of items and donate to fund their purchase. Because Purposity is a non-profit funded by private donors, there is no fee to use the website and they do not receive funding from purchases made through their website. All donations made through Purposity are tax-deductible.


Subscribing to Purposity is easy: 1. go to their website,, 2. type in your cell phone number, 3. complete a simple registration. While registering your account, you will select “West Ada” to receive notifications about the needs of our students.


“Purposity is one of many partners that West Ada utilizes to help meet basic needs. When students feel safe and secure, and have their basic needs met, they are able to come to school ready to learn and perform better academically,” Social Worker Sydney Sasser explained. “Earlier this year, we had a student who appeared to be wearing shoes, but with closer examination it was clear the sole of the shoes was worn through, leaving only the tops of the shoe intact. We were able to find a pair of shoes in the correct size so the student could return to class and participate in recess and PE without painful feet. The teacher reported the student did not stop smiling all day long. These are the types of needs that can be met with Purposity!”


Listed below are other generous donors and programs meeting student needs.

  • Project Kids –funds items over $250; helps homeless families with emergency food, household items, small amounts of rent or deposit money, outstanding utility bills, etc.
  • Bridging the Gap by the West Ada Education Foundation – funds items for individual students such as pay-to-play fees, rental fees for instruments, etc.
  • Point S of the Bruneel Tire Factory – sponsors a coat drive each winter.
  • Kiwanis Club of Meridian and Eagle – sponsors a school supply drive each summer.
  • Assistance League of Boise – provides clothing for elementary students through Operation School Bell. They also provide school supplies to K-8 schools through Operation School Supplies, and they provide clothing for middle school students in the winter.
  • The Closet – provides gently used teen-sized clothing. Students call for individual appointments.
  • Meridian Food Bank – provides weekend food for students during the school year.