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West Ada Safety Survey

West Ada School Safety Survey

Schools in West Ada are taking part in a Safety Survey.  This survey is sponsored by the West Ada School District as part of our State Continuous Improvement Plan and results will be used internally to improve our safety procedures and practices. 

The survey has been designed to protect your child’s privacy. Students will not put their names on the survey or any other identifier other than grade level and gender. Also, no school or student will ever be mentioned by name in the Continuous Improvement Plan.

Individual school results will be returned to the school for their improvement purposes and will not be given to other schools.

Only aggregate District data will be reported in the Continuous Improvement Plan.

We would like all selected students to take part in the survey, but the survey is voluntary.

To see a copy of the Safety Survey,
please click on the picture below or this link:  Safety Survey Example

West Ada Safety Survey - bubble sheet and pencil