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Donors Support Students Using Mobile App

Woman holding phone with Purposity app open August 21, 2019 – Social workers and counselors in West Ada School District are taking a modern approach to fulfilling student needs by asking community members to download a mobile app. The app, Purposity, sends registered donors a once-a-week text message alerting them to current needs of students in the community. So far, 780 individuals have downloaded and registered as donors and that number is growing.


“As of mid-August, our community had donated $12,000 worth of items to our students,” Sydney Sasser, social worker, said. “We are blown away! That is 425 needs of our students. Our wonderful community has provided laptops, shoes, clothing, toilet paper, mattresses and much more for our students.”


Purposity allows donors a quick and easy way of supporting their community. The average item costs about $30 and directly affects someone specific. Donors know the needs of children or families by reading through brief stories in the app. Once a donor has decided how they will help, it is just a few taps of the screen and the specific needs are purchased and shipped to the appropriate school.


Purposity is available in both the App Store and Google Play for direct download.


App features include:

  • The app’s dashboard tracks your giving, so you can watch your generosity grow over time.
  • The app has a nationwide reach, but the goal is for most people to make a local impact so the app offers needs to people based on their location.
  • Donors receive thank you notes from the recipients of donated items through the app.
  • An Inspirational Feed will show you the benefits of generosity and inspire you with the stories of people who are impacted.
  • Ability to incorporate generosity into a family or individual’s daily life