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Education Foundation Donors Bridging the Gap for Students in Need of Warmth, Comfort

Child Walks in Leaves October 10, 2019 – The Treasure Valley experienced its first hard freeze of the fall season this week and donors of the Education Foundation’s Bridging the Gap program are taking note of student needs with this changing weather.


“All of our students should be bundling up in coats and scarves for the walk to school and for playground recess now that it is getting chilly outside,” Bernadette Sexton, executive director of the Education Foundation of the West Ada School District shared. “Unfortunately, not all of them have these cold weather essentials. Some students need help keeping a roof over their head or a warm meal in their belly at night.”


Approximately 25 percent of students attending schools in West Ada School District are part of families living near or below the federal poverty level of $25,750 in household income for a family of four. More than 500 students are homeless.


“We are grateful for the many and varied programs supporting students in our schools. From federal and state funding, to grants and individual donors, all is needed,” Jeanne Buschine, student support services supervisor explained. “While we collect information and process necessary paperwork, Bridging the Gap allows us to serve students immediately.”


Donations to Bridging the Gap ensure schools have emergency funds to cover student needs such as cold weather clothing, monthly housing stipends for unaccompanied youth, and access to warm and nutritious food. These funds also provide essential learning anchors like updated eye glasses, assistance covering activity fees, and resources for the community schools at Desert Sage, McMillan and Peregrine elementary schools.


Learn more about the Education Foundation’s Bridging the Gap program or donate online by visiting their website at