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$45,000 Anonymous Donation Supports Homeless Graduates

Graduates June 3, 2020 – Bridging the Gap, a program offered through the Education Foundation of West Ada School District, received a $45,000 anonymous donation last month, keeping social workers in West Ada School District supplied with necessary emergency funding for students facing homelessness and other needs. Boise Regional REALTORS and Roaring Springs Water Park also contributed, ensuring homeless high school graduates received a gift celebrating their educational accomplishment.


Recent calculations confirm at least 125 students are homeless unaccompanied youth in the district. These students face unique challenges as young adults without safe home support systems. Most of these students work part-time or full-time jobs while attending school and finding safe places to sleep.


“Our goal is for every student to identify what they are passionate about and find out how to make a living wage pursuing this passion,” Jeanne Buschine, student support services supervisor said. “Housing stability allows the student to focus on other aspirations such as completing their high school education and thinking about what they want to pursue after high school.”


Donations to Bridging the Gap ensure schools have emergency funds to cover student needs such as cold weather clothing, monthly housing stipends for unaccompanied youth, and access to warm and nutritious food. These funds also provide essential learning anchors like updated eye glasses, assistance covering activity fees, and resources for the community schools at Desert Sage, McMillan and Peregrine elementary schools.



Learn more about the Education Foundation’s Bridging the Gap program or donate online by visiting their website at