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When District Begins Operating in Yellow Category, Preschool and Kindergarten Can Attend In-Person Full Time

September 1, 2020 – Preschool and kindergarten classes will go back to school in-person full time when West Ada School District is operating in the yellow category of the reopening plan. The Board of Trustees approved this recommendation and authorized the superintendent or designee to gradually bring elementary school grade levels back in-person full time during yellow operations.


One hundred percent of kindergarten educators, 86 individuals in total, responded to a survey regarding kindergarten classes going back to school in the yellow category. Sixty-nine percent said they were comfortable coming back to school if Central District Health recommended transitioning into the yellow category.


According to research presented by Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning Bret Heller, students in elementary schools are less likely to contract COVID-19 or have serious complications, if they do contract the disease, than older individuals. Staggering elementary school grade levels into in-person learning five days a week allows the district to adjust plans for best outcomes.


Classes will operate in a self-contained manner to minimize contact with other individual classrooms.