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September 14 - Schools in Yellow, Alternate Schedule Begins

Yellow, proceed carefully September 8, 2020 - Central District Health made the recommendation today that schools could move into their yellow categories of operation. West Ada School District will continue remote learning through the rest of this week, beginning the yellow category of operations on Monday, September 14.


Find Your Team Designation: To find your child's team designation for use in the alternate day schedule, please log into PowerSchool. The designation is based on the primary contact's last name in an effort to keep children within one household in the same team. If you need to request a team change, please do so by filling out the change form.


Alternate Day Schedule: The alternate day schedule exists to limit the number of students in a building at one time by splitting the population in half. Your child will attend school according to this schedule, and on alternate days learn remotely. The alternate day schedule is available in the district calendars section.


Instructional Expectations: The needs of each individual classroom vary. Synchronous (live) instruction may take place on days when students are remote, but it is more likely that asynchronous (recorded) instruction will take place. The school district has limited devices and uploading bandwidth to accommodate live video instruction for all classrooms. It is still important that every child check in or log into their classes daily for attendance. The instructional guide for the yellow category is available in the fall reopening plan section.


Preschool and Kindergarten: Students in preschool and kindergarten will not follow the alternate day schedule, instead they will attend school every day. See more about the decision to bring back our younger grades in the top stories.