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Survey on Proposed Pandemic Plan Adjustments Tells Story of Differing Opinions

Pencils of varying lengths October 12, 2020 – West Ada School District’s COVID-19 taskforce surveyed staff, students and parents/guardians regarding their support of adjusting the pandemic plan bringing students into school daily in yellow or on alternate days in red. Results showed the three main demographics are split – parents and students are in support of all scenarios while staff are more cautious.


The feedback provided by our community throughout this pandemic is invaluable,” Assistant Superintendent Bret Heller explained. “It allows us to see what plans certain groups are comfortable with and where we have support for one scenario over another.


Sixty-four percent or more of parents/guardians responding to the survey are in support of students returning to school daily in yellow or on alternate days in red. Fifty-one percent of parents/guardians invited to participate in the survey submitted responses.


Those percentages decrease to 55 percent of students in support of the alternating days in red, though 59 to 73 percent of students support attending daily when in yellow. Twenty-nine percent of students invited to participate in the survey submitted responses.


School building staff who responded to the survey are not in support of any of the scenarios, with the least supported scenarios being those that would bring grades 6-12 attending school daily while in yellow. About 64 percent of building staff who were sent invitations responded to the survey.


District Service Center and maintenance staff responding to the survey are in support of 6-12 daily attendance and K-5 alternating days in red by more than 51 percent. Thirty-seven percent of District Service Center and maintenance staff participated in the survey.


The COVID-19 taskforce and the Board of Trustees review various data points and receives advice from local health authorities when considering adjustments to the pandemic plan, also known as the Fall Reopening Plan. The Board of Trustees vote on adjustments to the plan during their meetings. 


More than 63,000 survey invitations were sent to staff, students and parents/guardians. Parent/guardian contact information was pulled from PowerSchool. If you did not receive this survey and are a parent, step-parent, foster parent or guardian, please complete all areas of the “Update Contact” form in PowerSchool. It is important this information is accurate to receive future communication. If you are not sure how to update this information in PowerSchool, follow the steps outlined on this page: