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Pandemic Plan Adjustments Made During October 27 Board Meeting

October 27, 2020 - West Ada School District’s Board of Trustees approved a plan changing the way decisions about school closures are made during the COVID-19 pandemic at their regular meeting this evening. Starting November 10, students will follow an adjusted version of the alternate day schedule which allows for consistency and instructional prep time.


Operational Response Individualized

In previous iterations of the pandemic plan, West Ada School District’s operational status was tied to specific colors or categories. Trustees approved the school district leadership to use positive case and cluster data within individual schools, programs, and classrooms to inform operational response or closures. This change enables the superintendent to nimbly close schools, classrooms and programs as necessary.


Adult and child walking into school Schedule Consistency and Instructional Prep Time

Student schedules are now more consistent. Secondary grades 6-12 will learn remotely on Mondays and follow consistent Tuesday/Thursday or Wednesday/Friday attendance patterns based on their team designation. Elementary grades K-5 will be released from school early on Mondays and attend school every weekday. Teachers are provided Monday afternoons for dedicated instructional prep time and collaboration.


Elementary Grades K-5 School Schedule (Starting November 10):

Daily in-person instruction with early-release Mondays.


Early release for grades 1-5 is at 2:10 p.m. Morning kindergarten releases at 11:20 a.m. and afternoon kindergarten releases at 2:10 p.m.


Secondary Grades 6-12 School Schedule (Starting November 10):

Alternating day in-person instruction with remote learning Mondays.

Team 1 attends in-person on Tuesday and Thursday. Remote learning Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Team 2 attends in-person on Wednesday and Friday. Remote learning Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.


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