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Open Enrollment for Second Semester at Virtual School House Open Nov. 16-Dec. 4

Choosing to enroll at Virtual School House means:

  • You are staying in the West Ada School District, but changing your home school to Virtual School House. You will be unenrolled from your current brick and mortar school.
  • You will be enrolled at Virtual School House for all of second semester, spring 2021. Any requests for transfer after December 4, 2020 will require approval through the in-district transfer process.
  • You will be taught by current West Ada School District teachers. Many of our elementary teachers instruct from classrooms in West Ada schools.
  • You will receive quality instruction through a completely online learning platform. This will include a combination of live synchronous instruction (daily/weekly required schedules during the school day) and asynchronous instruction (practice activities, independent projects, recorded instruction). Students and parents should expect at least 5.5 hours of daily coursework and instruction.
  • You will be offered a limited number of course offerings. These courses are focused on grade level and graduation requirements.


The open enrollment period ends on December 4 11:59 p.m. This is a firm deadline. This deadline is established prior to the end of first demester in order to:

  • Ensure classes are available and scheduled for all K-12 students at VSH.
  • Determine the number of teachers needed at VSH and identify any teacher transfers from brick and mortar schools.
  • Distribute technology and/or required materials.
  • Assign online resources/apps to VSH students.
  • Train and provide professional development to our teachers to ensure effective instruction in an online platform.

For additional questions or expectations for learning at Virtual School House, please visit


Enrolled at another West Ada School District campus? Follow these directions to fill out the transfer form in PowerSchool.

  1. Sign in to PowerSchool,
  2. Click on the "Update Student Information" link located in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Click on the "SchoolForms" link in the applications window.
  4. Click on the "Virtual School Transfer Form" for each child you would like to enroll in VSH.


New to West Ada School District? Follow these directions to fill out a pre-registration form.

  1. Fill out the pre-registration form listed at the top of this webpage:
  2. Choose Virtual School House as the school you want to attend.