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SIC Outlines Plans for Spectators Under New State Requirements

This plan is for high school, middle school specifics coming later. Your child's school will provide greater detail.


January 7, 2021 - The Southern Idaho Conference (SIC) members agreed to a plan to expand spectators at allowable events following a new safety order from Idaho Gov. Brad Little and the Idaho State Board of Education.


"Our common goal as a conference is to make sure our students are healthy, able to access in person learning, and able to participate in activities during this time of substantial community spread of COVID," said Wendy Johnson, SIC President. "We appreciate that Governor Little shares our desire to minimize the spread of the virus, and we appreciate his leadership in keeping students at the center of the order."


Under the SIC's plan for spectators, members agreed to first prioritize parents of home team athletes as they expand the number of spectators allowed at activities under the Governor's High School Athletics Plan. The Governor's Plan does not allow for spectators at wrestling tournaments when more than two teams are present.


SIC members noted that the Governor's Plan requires new cleaning and sanitation protocols and supervision procedures that will increase the staffing needed to complete these requirements.


"Every SIC member's facilities are different and we need time to implement these new protocols and understand the staffing and additional resources we will need to implement these requirements and make sure they are effective at keeping everyone safe," Johnson said.


The SIC's aim is to fully expand spectators to include visiting team parents if possible as winter sports seasons progress. The members remain committed to streaming events for all spectators.


Press release provided by Southern Idaho Conference Superintendents.