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Textbook Adoption for High School Mathematics

The High School Math Textbook committee has been busy over the last two months reviewing textbooks for HS Math I, HS Math II, and HS Math III. 

Over the course of 7 meetings the committee developed a rubric based on the district’s priorities and vision for high school math, heard presentations from 5 textbook publishers, and chose two finalists. 

The finalists selected by the committee are Envision Integrated Mathematics and CPM Core Connections Integrated

From April 5th – 16th, these two textbooks will be available at the District Service Center, Centennial High School, and Eagle High School for public review and comment.

If you select to review the materials at Centennial High or Eagle High, please contact the school by phone to establish a time to review the materials.

If you would like to review the materials at the District Service Center no appointment is necessary; the materials will be available for review from 7:30-4:30 inside the front entry. 

Also, digital access to these materials can be found at the following links: Envision and CPM (confirm “I agree” to be directed to sampler ebooks).

After reviewing the math resources comments can be left on this Microsoft Form

The committee will meet again, review the input, and make a final decision near the end of the month. 

The recommendation from the committee will then be taken to the Board of Trustees in May.

 Sample images of the book covers for the Envision and CPM textbooks