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Textbook Adoption for High School Mathematics

West Ada School District’s curriculum department is reviewing textbooks for high school mathematics. The committee is made up of parents, guardians, teachers and staff per policy 602.30.The adopted textbook would be used starting in fall 2021.

Committee meetings are held virtually via Microsoft Teams from 6:30-8:30 p.m. on the following dates. The public may observe these meetings.

  • Wednesday, February 3 (Overview of our priorities/vision)
  • Wednesday, February 10 (Review 2 textbook options)
  • Wednesday, February 17 (Review 2 textbook options)
  • Wednesday, February 24 (Review 2 textbook options)
  • Wednesday, March 3 (Narrow it down to our top 2 choices)
  • Wednesday, March 17 (Publisher presentation)
  • Wednesday, March 31 (Publisher presentation)
  • Wednesday, April 14 (Final decision for textbook to recommend to the school board)
  • Wednesday, April 21 (If needed)

The top two textbooks considered are available for public viewing in the West Ada School District Service Center’s main lobby from March 29-April 9 during office hours.


Background: The school district phased-in a new textbook series in 2013 to better align with the mathematics standards adopted by the state in 2011. These new standards ushered in a shift in both philosophy and practice of mathematics teaching. Last school year, a book study was held around a book by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics called "Catalyzing Change in High School Mathematics." That group was made up of teachers, principals and parents who discussed improving high school mathematics. With all the challenges of remote teaching over the last eight months, it has become apparent that West Ada School District needs to adopt a textbook with much better digital resources and that aligns with overall goals of improving mathematics achievement. Members of this book study are participating in the textbook adoption committee.